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Is it possible to use the voucher on the same day when I buy the offer?

The information regarding the expiration and activation dates of vouchers can be seen once you log into your account. The vouchers have a pending time once they are purchased. The email will be sent to you once your voucher is ready to be used. When you receive a voucher, you can make an appointment or book a reservation in case it is necessary.

How to receive vouchers?

Once you have activated your vouchers, the notification that you can use them will be sent to your email address. In order to get your vouchers, you will need to log into site and claim them using ‘my account’ tab. Vouchers can be redeemed one at a time.

There are no vouchers on my account.

In case you have purchased a voucher but it is not displayed in your account, you might be using the wrong account, especially if you have several accounts. Please log in using another email address, or through Facebook.

I can’t use my voucher because the company has gone out of business.

Please contact us so that we can remediate the situation.  

Cancelling the account

If you want to close your account, please send us a request. Once you cancel it, you won’t be able to use the vouchers found in the account.

In case you would like to remove your address from our mailing list, please unsubscribe.

Changing my email address.

Click “my account” then “personal information” and make the necessary changes. Click “save”.

Problems with logging

If the error message keeps appearing while you are trying to log in, please create a help-desk ticket so that the problem can be resolved. The reason why the error message keeps reoccurring is that sometimes users create 2 accounts using one email address.

How safe is GroupsGet?

GroupsGet does not share any of the personal or private information. The information gathered is used solely for proper processing and delivering of the order.

Online shopping safety is guaranteed, thanks to the encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The information about your credit card is never stored on GroupsGet servers.

The GroupsGet security is applicable only for the users who log out of their accounts after using them. Those who do not log out are responsible for the security of their accounts.

How to create an account?

A customer has to sign up, fill in the details and thus become a GroupsGet user.

Is it possible to change the order once it has been placed?

Changing an order can be done within 24 hours of its placement. Please send us an email.

Tracking the order

When the order is shipped, the user receives a tracking email which will enable them to follow the status of their order.

What happens if the bill is lower than the voucher?

GroupsGet does not give any change or new vouchers for a remaining difference. Please use your voucher completely.

Can I return my purchase?

All purchases are returnable. Please check out our return policy.

Changing the shipping address.

If you would like to change the shipping address, please send an email to the GroupsGet customer support team. In case the product has already been shipped and GroupsGet could not change the given address, the order has to be retrieved and then reshipped. The buyer pays the reshipping costs.

I chose the wrong option for the product. What now?

In case you have made a mistake while choosing a product, please contact GroupsGet customer support team. The mistake can be rectified free of charge, but the costs of shipping are to be paid by the buyer.



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