GroupsGet has three shipping choices:

  • standard ( free of charge which is applied to all the products regardless of the order size, except for the freebies)
  • express ( a fast shipping that costs USD $3.99)
  • international (a 6 dollar fee is applied).

For standard and international shipping it usually takes about four to five weeks for a product to be delivered to your door.  With standard shipping, the track-your-product option is unavailable.

Express shipping lasts from seven to twelve working days during which buyers can track their purchases.

Please note that handling time (2-4 working days after the payment has been cleared which is needed for GroupsGet to fulfill the order) and transit time ( 4 working days needed for the postal service to pick up the package and match the shipment with a registered tracking number) are not incorporated  within the delivery time.

Major holidays and weekends are not included in the handling and transit times.